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Customer Service Management Software

Summary: Customer service management software, above all else, should help you make your job look easy to customers. Customer service software should make it look to clients, customers, stakeholders and management as though your reps have every answer at their fingertips and know the software like the back of their hand.

Customer service management software needs to be a mix of information, intuition and insight. Rather than just noting a problem ticket, help desk customer service software can help you identify potential conflicts, upgrades and sales opportunities.

This morning I spoke to Deanna, a customer service analyst at Comcast. Comcast provides television programming, high-speed Internet, phone service and more. Just a few years ago, Comcast was only in the business of delivering cable programming over a single wire that went into your house. Now, the company provides a myriad of hardware and software options, media packages and bundles to appeal to a much wider audience.

Seconds into my call with Deanna, it was clear she was using live customer service software. I spoke to her about on demand programming and a repair I needed to have taken care of. From her office in Canada, she was able to take care of all of my needs with a relaxed air of confidence. Clearly, I had a good customer service analyst on the phone. She was personable and quick with the software. Navigating to check the status of my account, credit my bill and alert a local Philadelphia office about the needed repair. Our 3 minute phone call was a tribute to a good helpdesk employee and well designed customer service management software.

The customer service support software employed by Comcast made all of the difference in the world. Although Deanna had to search around a bit for the correct drop down box to credit my account, I could tell that she had confidence knowing that she could find it quickly – even an unusual request like mine.

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The first line approach to most customer concerns is web based customer service software. Usually an interactive portal utilizing a searchable database or knowledge base. Early web sites in this realm were designed as more frequently asked questions or faqs. Now, they’ve evolved away from a standard list and into a 24/7 search-able database with the possibility of answering thousands of questions and pushing people to answers.

Email is the second approach most commonly used by online customer service software. Email is a cost effective approach, but it is often the slowest way to get a problem ticket out of the queue. It usually requires multiple interactions and can leave customers unsatisfied.

Customer service management software usually includes some type of “chat” option as a second offering to customers. Live customer service representatives are on-line and use a live chat web based solution. Certainly this is a more expensive solution than a knowledge base, but a skilled rep using a high quality chat software can serve a number of problem tickets at one time.
The last and least cost effective approach to address customer issues is live customer service software. A one-to-one customer to rep ratio drives up the per call cost, but usually results in a closed ticket at the end of one interaction.

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