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Customer Support Chat Software

Live Chat Brings Life to the Help Desk

Summary: Customer support chat software is a premium customer service help desk offering. Companies with well-funded help desk departments and those looking to take their service to the next level offer live chat support as they expand their profile.

Some managers see customer support chat software as an unnecessary expense – “after all, isn’t that why we created that knowledgebase and made it searchable by everyone? Even our competition?”

Live chat support is a perfect complement to your big picture helpdesk platform. More than a way to answer one question or close one ticket, it’s also a way to build customer loyalty, find secondary marketing opportunities, build a more robust customer database and promote expanded services.

One industry that began to offer customer chat in the last few years is income tax preparation. These companies are a great example of those using software to make their offerings more robust. By using customer support chat software firms can offer additional services to customers and potential customers right in their own homes. Taxbrain is a web based tax service that uses the Liveperson chat platform to provide help. They use a live support software solution in addition to a strong knowledgebase, chat and webmail to engage customers on their own terms. No more trips to see your accountant during their limited office hours. Taxbrain uses live chat support software to provide you answers at your convenience.

Young people, well versed in live chat are becoming young consumers and controlling or influencing a great amount of spending. That said, live chat support will continue to grow as a necessary solution for companies. Forester Research, Inc. conducted a survey of companies and customers using live chat. They found that in 2003, only 30% of on-line shoppers used chat. By 2007, as many as 57% of shoppers used chat. With the growth of Twitter as a virtual chat platform, the number is surely considerably higher today.

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One firm offering a popular tool is Provide Support. Provide Support is a leader in chat and help desk technologies offering tools to help you provide customer service and product sales. Think of all businesses that used to require a brick and mortar storefront. Travel agents, car dealers and car rental companies used to be traditional shops around the corner. Now they’re operating from the cloud and many are maximizing live chat customer support software to engage, educate and create loyalty.

Provide Support reviews offer positive feedback of live support chat software. With the ability to reduce phone calls without having to sacrifice customer service, Provide Support offers a robust solution that fits many larger organizations and those hoping to become larger. Florida State University, Alexa and Softlink all use the Provide Support service.

Live chat support software offers a number of benefits that are tangible. With customer profiles at your representative’s finger tips, they are best prepared to close sales, offer upgrades and extend service contracts with customers. A strong chat software package enables visitors to be directed to beneficial and targeted offerings. Imagine running a rental car company that can offer upgrades, links to photos, prepaid insurance and gasoline, roadmaps and more all directed to a live chat representative. Live chat support software will take the pressure off of your phone service desk and allow you to increase revenue.

Live support chat software can be more expensive than other email and knowledgebase services. Certainly your personnel costs will be pushed up by the need to have knowledgeable people available, but it is less expensive than phone based systems. Chat software can allow one representative to help multiple customers at one time, maximizing efficiency.

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