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A Free Help Desk Package Can Be a Blessing or a Curse

Summary: Free help desk software can be heaven or it can be hell. It’s not until after you commit to a free help desk software package, integrate it in to your system, and train employees that you really know whether or not you’ve made a good decision when you chose a free help desk.

Nicolas R. from Freeport, Louisiana is an IT manager looking to upgrade his company’s help desk software. They’ve got 68 employees and their current system is becoming out of date with their worldwide workforce. As a smaller company, they have been using a chat function to server as a communications tool for their help desk. Nicolas is looking to move from that and has heard some good things about free help desk software.

Many of the solutions available are free web help desk offerings using SaaS (Sofware as a Service). With SaaS an application is licensed to a company to access information stored on servers in an on-demand fashion. The servers can be company owned or provided by the vendor.

These free help desk packages are web-based solutions that provide access from any location and giving the freedom to request help or view reports from any supported browser. This can then be migrated to email, chat or SMS.


A company the size of Nicolas’ is perfect for the free help desk software editions. Many offer their complete software package to companies under 100 users or assets. These are fully functioning versions and offer services for users and accurate reporting a help desk monitoring for managers.

An example software package that might work for Nicolas’ company is the free web help desk SysAid Free Edition. SysAid reviews speak of a robust platform designed specifically to support small businesses and non-profit organizations.

SysAid Free Edition scans your network to develop an asset list, allows users to generate tickets and can even allow administrators to remotely control desktops. SysAid will also help to automate service orders and improve your ability to track and manage issues. It even gives you a real time dashboard – not unlike the dashboard you use with their full-up pay version. SysAid free web help desk also is scalable. This scalability means that SysAid can grow with your business as you look to add features, assets or administrators.

With limited seats and administrator spots, these software suites might be not be ready for every organization. As your environment grows beyond a limited number of seats, you will need a more robust platform to maintain your IT success.

When you search the web for free IT help desk software you’ll also see Web help desk Lite Edition reviews. Another powerful tool, that is cross platform and easy to install, Web help desk Lite only differs from the Pro Edition in its ability to act as an asset manager and approval work flow and as a task manager. A great tool for reviewing the abilities of each of these packages is to look for a feature list. Web help desk offers theirs at this link: Web  Help Desk Comparison

One thing that is often surprising to those looking for a free help desk is that many are offered as fully functioning editions with no expiration or ads. Over time however, you will be encouraged to upgrade to a pay version to receive the full compliment of upgrades, greater scalability, additional asset management and more robust service than the limited light versions of their free help desk.


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