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Heat Help Desk

Heat Help Desk Software From FrontRange Solutions.

Summary: Heat help desk software is a powerful software package from FrontRange Solutions. The company offers their Heat help desk software to clients of various sizes as a tool for both internal and customer facing IT support helpdesks.

Much of the help desk software you come across is designed to help customers who are having IT problems. Whether user names, passwords or access, most helpdesk software is designed to just help get customers on line.

Heat help desk software on the other hand is truly designed to help you interact with our clients – no matter their problem. From order fulfillment and inventory to technical issues and reporting, Heat software offers a robust solution that can help you connect with individual customers to resolve their issue.

Imagine a preferred client logged used your site to order a high end product like a customer golf club. Let’s say you design, build and sell custom golf clubs with prices to match. The customer places an order requesting a certain club configuration. He orders a specific head offset, weight and loft. He picks from an extensive list for the shaft with a certain flex, length and weight. His choice of grip includes a variety of brands and he picks out a certain size and texture. The customer entered the entire order using a menu tool you offer along with one or two calls to your order center. After waiting for the club to be built and delivered, the customer opened the box preparing for an upcoming golf outing – only to find that the club had been delivered with the wrong grip.

As a preferred customer, his order also included the phone number to your service center using Heat Help Desk Software. When he calls in to voice his complaint, the Heat software quickly helps route them to the right representative. As soon as the call begins, the rep has access to the complete order history including the steps taken by the customer to place his order.

Frontrange Solutions

The Heat help desk software package intuitively guides the representative through the issue and helps the rep discover that an error in the customers order caused the problem. But most importantly, it offers a solution; including shipping information and inventory. This kind of power is what helps you keep the customer and repair what could have been a damaged relationship.

The software also assigns this representative to this order so that they can be alerted when the new order is fulfilled to follow up with the customer. It will help them stay on top of any issues and make sure the order is filled correctly and quickly and the incident is closed completely.

As a help desk manager, it will also help you oversee problems like this and identify trends, review errors and analytics. You can view data on individual operators, customers and IT assets.

Heat help desk offers a much more robust solution than most other software. You might expect software to manage customer in-calls and help desk ticketing, but Heat also leverages your existing inventory a capabilities along with employee management and human resources. It will help you manage your entire help desk without having to piecemeal different software packages together to create the suite you want. Fully customizable, Heat will work with you to integrate the software in to your business. Not the other way around!

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