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Sharing Documents: The Shift to Sharing

Sharing documents and edocr’s integration with Zendesk Help Desk software. Featuring Manoj Ranaweera.

Sharing Documents. It’s the root of an effective Customer Service and Help Desk organization. Giving a team the ability to pull the right answer — to the right question — at the right time to serve customers needs. Sharing documents is more than just script prompts, it’s intuitive access to the data required to quickly predict and react to business needs.

I recently had the chance to ask Manoj Ranaweera, Founder and CEO of edocr, some questions about his company’s integration with the cloud-based help desk software from Zendesk. edocr is a business built on sharing documents; publishing, distribution and interactivity.

Many of us are familiar with the cloud based presentation sharing site SlideShare. Slideshare offers the ability to upload a Power Point or Keynote files and publish them for the world to see.

edocr offers a similar tool but is based on sharing documents rather than presentations. Brochures, sales pieces, press releases and white papers are quickly uploaded and shared with social sites and search engines – and ultimately to your audience.

edocr LogoIn the help desk and customer service environment, edocr is a powerful tool used to get information to your customer service reps or users working through a self-help console. With the ability to share documents publicly or to a select group, you can control who has access to your information.

When a document is shared through the integrated edocr/Zendesk system,newer versions documents can be set to automatically replace out-of-date versions to keep the most current information in your customer’s and user’s hands instantly. This ensures version control and gets the right documents in to the hands of the Zendesk user.

My conversation with Manoj Ranaweera pointed to the importance of information in help desks and in customer service. Rather than just a ticketing and network monitoring systems, the integration of edocr and Zendesk highlights an important trend of information management and document sharing.

John Wall from HelpDeskGuides.com

Q: Am I correct that edocr is primarily a document sharing and distribution tool? Do you handle other content, like video, as well?

Document Sharing: edocr Ranaweera

edocr founder Manoj Ranaweera on Document Sharing

A: edocr started as a document sharing tool and we focused on building it as a destination site, e.g. Youtube for documents. But lately, we have changed our vision from “unleashing the power of documents” to “upload once, display anywhere”.

Our integration with Zendesk is helping us to launch this. So, as you guessed, our focus is on “distribution” and then delivering exceptional value as a result of it. No we do not deliver any other content, but will facilitate adding embeddable content to enrich the documents, e.g.


Q: How do you separate edocr from companies sharing documents?

A: edocr has number of competitors. We all provide the same basic functionality, but are focusing on slightly different aspects, e.g. Slideshare is all about presentations, bringing slides, documents and videos to enrich the presentation. Scribd has moved into selling documents taking on Amazon.com, in addition to catering for every type of business. Docstoc is focusing on selling packages of documents to SMBs.

In our case, we focus entirely on helping businesses get extra mileage from their documents. We are becoming a product that serves documents into multiple web apps.


Q: What trends to do you see and how are you addressing them?

A: There is lot more focus on document sharing now than when we first started. We grew by average of 33% over the last 3 months. The mainstream social media activities are still focusing on the big four, and believe they will start using services like edocr.com in the near future.


Q: Why should users think of combining edocr and Zendesk?

Zendesk Help Desk

Zendesk Help Desk

A: Zendesk is a great product for customer service. Whilst it has the ability to upload documents,  his feature is hardly used. We can enrich user dialogue by giving relevant content through documents. And edocr.com is making this process very simple, and fun!


Q: How does edocr integrate with Zendesk?

A: edocr integrates with Zendesk through a widget which displays the last 5 documents uploaded by the customer service Agent. We then provide the ability to search for more documents, not just those uploaded by the Agent or his/her company, but from the large inventory of documents on edocr.com. By Drag and drop, you can now liven the Forums and Tickets with highly visual documents.

edocr was founded by Manoj Ranaweera in 2007 as a tool to bring social interactivity and access to business documents. The company is one of the leading document sharing, cloud-based solutions for business. Twitter: @edocr

Zendesk is familiar to most help desk and IT pros. The company offers a robust platform for help desk integration and improves customer service. Zendesk’s clients include OpenTable, Groupon and Sony. @Zendesk

SlideShare is the largest presentation sharing site in the world. With over 130 million monthly page views it is one of the top 200 sites globally. Twitter: @slideshare

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution that is developing in to a tool for companies to stay better connected with their employees and customers. Twitter: @salesforce

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  1. Manoj Ranaweera

    Hey John,

    Many thanks for the coverage. Its a great write up! Here is a quick demonstration of our widget in action https://support.zendesk.com/entries/21129688-zendesk-and-edocr-integration – see the comments.

    This in fact demonstrates far more value than we planned. It was dragged and dropped from our support desk to Zendesk’s own support desk.

    Best regards

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